Explaining Effective Field Goal Percentage

Monday, 13 December 2010

Effective Field Goal Percentage (EFG%) is a very useful basketball statistic for coaches to use and get a true feel for how a player is shooting the basketball from all parts of the court.  The calculation for the stat is the following:


(FG + (3FG/2)) / FGA


… or the total number of field goals plus the number of three point field goals divided by two all divided by the number of field goal attempts.  The stat gives a percentage of shots made while also giving extra weight to three point field goals.  An easy way to think of the stat is a weighted average of the field goal percentage (FG%) and three point field goal percentage (3FG%) stats.


Using the Statistic


The Effective Field Goal Percentage stat can be used in several different ways.  One use is a quick view of a player’s effectiveness in shooting.  Instead of having to look at a variety of stats, a coach can pay attention to just one stat and get an idea of how a player is shooting


Another use of the Effective Field Goal Percentage statistic is to view how well a player is successfully mixing two and three point shots.  By using the EFG% stat and the number of attempts or the two and three point field goal percentages, it can be determined if the player is shooting too many three pointers when they could be scoring more by attempting easier two point shots.  Or a player who makes a good percentage of three pointers would be better to attempt more three point field goals – this can also be analyzed by comparing EFG%, FG% and 3FG%.

Printing and Emailing Basketball Stats with Basketball Stat Manager

Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Basketball Stat Manager isn’t just basketball stats software.  In addition to entering and tracking stats for your basketball team, you can also print and email stats and reports to player, coaches and parents. 

The printing and emailing abilities are all in the Reports section of Stat Manager.  The Reports can be accessed from the menu of Stat Manager


Basketball Stat Manager Reports Menu



There are many reports to choose from ranging from rosters and contact lists to stat sheets and shot charts.  The first step is to choose the report you would like to see.  The report window for that report will then appear.  Some reports allow you to enter filter information to change what information you want to see on the report.  For example, you can print a list of players on your team with just the player and their phone number, or you can choose to show all of the player’s contact information for a handy contact sheet to take along.  Or, you can choose to show only specific stats or stats from a specific game or season. 


Basketball Stat Manager Report Filter


After entering the filter information, click the “View Report” button, and the report will process and display.  From this window, you can view the data from the report and print or export the report.


Printing the Report


Before printing the report, you can adjust the page settings and margins using the buttons on the menu bar.  To print the report, click the printer button to print out the report.  You can print out one or many copies of the report.



Exporting Reports


Reports can be exported to Adobe PDF or Microsoft Excel.  To export a report, click the disk button and choose the output format you would like.  We recommend using PDF for reports that are for viewing or to be emailed.  The PDF format is a universal format recognized on every computer.  We recommend Microsoft Excel for reports that contain stats data where you would like to modify or re-display the data. 


After clicking the export button, Stat Manager will prompt you to save the file on your computer.  Save the file to a familiar spot where you’ll be able to find the file again.  If you want to email report, open your favorite email client, type up the email and attach the exported file to the email before sending.

Basketball Stat Manager Blog

Monday, 15 November 2010

Our blog is here!  We've started this blog to inform our current and potential customers about features, hints and tricks about Basketball Stat Manager, basketball stats software for coaches of all levels.  Stop back to check out the latest on this page!